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EdgeRouter Lite, 3-port (ERLite-3)

The EdgeRouter™Lite delivers 1 million packets per second routing performance in a compact and affordable unit.

EdgeRouter POE, 5-port Router with PoE (ERPOE-5)

The EdgeRouter™PoE combines 1 million packets per second routing performance with passive PoE support for network devices.

EdgeSwitch, 24-port, 500W (ES-24-500W)

Available with 24 or 48 RJ45 Gigabit ports, the UniFi® Switch delivers robust performance, PoE+ support, and intelligent switching for growing networks.

EdgeSwitch, 5-port, POE (ES-5XP)

The EdgeSwitch® XP delivers reliable passive PoE and Gigabit connectivity to attached Ubiquiti devices and other devices that support passive PoE.

Edge Point Router, 6 (EP-R6)

Ubiquiti Networks introduces the EdgePoint, part of the EdgeMAX platform.

Edge Point Switch, 16 (EP-S16)

The Ubiquiti EdgePoint EP-S16 WISP Control Point is an intelligent WISP Control Point with FiberProtect. The EdgePoint EP-S16 is a Layer-2 switch with some layer-3 capabilities.

Edge Switch Fiber, 12 (ES-12F)

The EdgeSwitch™ Fiber is an aggregation switch that offers robust performance, low latency, and intelligent switching for growing networks.

Edge Switch, 16 Port, 10G (ES-16-XG)

The EdgeSwitch XG is a fully managed, 10G fiber switch that enhances network capacity and provides high-bandwidth services to growing networks.

Edge Switch, 8 Port, 150 W ( ES-8-150W)

The fanless EdgeSwitch 8 is a fully managed, high-performance, PoE+ Gigabit switch. It delivers powerful performance and intelligent switching with its 10 independent switching ports. A DC input optio ...
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