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Flexible & Outdoor

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Swiss Army Knife Ultra

Incredibly compact, indoor/outdoor AP with versatile mounting options and long-range external antenna support.

U6 Mesh

Sleek, indoor/outdoor WiFi 6 AP with 6 spatial streams designed for mesh applications.

Unifi 802.11ac Mesh Indoor/Outdoor 2.4/5GHz Access Point (UAP-AC-M)

The Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M is an 802.11 mesh access point. With mesh multi-hop, you can can cover a large outdoor area with minimal infrastructure, with just a few mesh access points. These APs include adj ...

UniFi 802.11ac Mesh Pro Outdoor 2.4/5GHz Access Point (UAP-AC-M-Pro)

Ubiquiti UAP-AC-M-PRO is the pro version of their mesh access points. It can provide coverage to large outdoor areas, such as a park, using a mesh network comprised of mesh access points. This UAP-AC- ...
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